blogger meetup?

Are you up for an unofficial KC blogger meetup?

Tuesday, April 17th
Happy Hour until ????

Harry’s Country Club
(Harry’s in the River Market, NOT Harry’s in Westport)
112 Missouri Ave
Kansas City, MO 64106

If you would like to help get the word out, put the info on your site… kind of viral blogging : )

Stop by if you up for it, down for it, or whatever the case may be : )


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  1. […] Where else can you get a fried bologna sandwich, an excellent Belgian ale, and the company of people who think their opinions are worth publishing to the world?

    I mean other than my house . . .


  2. sounds like fun. i am a porn shop alumni so i bet we would have all sorts of stories to swap. i’ll try and make it over. are there gonna be nametags or do we have to guess who eachother is by their particular brand of cynicism and hubris?


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