blogger what?

I really need to quit hearing just bits of pieces of conversations. Last night at the blogger meet-up, I overheard about serial pee-ers in libraries and porn stores, opening doors naked while holding a gun, Cheeseburger Jerry, Beth Gottstein, and unicorns doing it. Or maybe unicorns doing it is just burned into my head because Cubicle Gangsta’s shirt depicted that scene : )

Thanks to all who came out last night, and to those who put the meet-up information on their sites. Here’s a list of blogs represented last night. If you remember anyone else, please leave me a comment so I can add the appropriate offenders.



Cubicle Gangsta


Death’s Door

Flogging of America

General Blather

Grease Melon

Happy in Bag

Hip Suburban White Guy


Just Cara


My Spyderweb

My Town, My Take


Rambliings, Rants & Mommy-hood

Sader Family Blog

Smells Like Bullshit

Thoughts from Kansas

Three O’Clock in the Morning


If I missed you, please go easy on me as I’m compiling this list the day after a few too many drinks. And to those who couldn’t make it, there’s always next time… 


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  1. Damn, been sick and forgot bout this.
    Anyway I started giggling at serial peers and lost it at unicorns doing it. SOunds like aspecial kind of night!



  2. I would have totally gone, but then I saw that there was internet drama before and I was like… nah, I have better things to do. I will eventually do one but might just invite the people I want to meet… this free for all just opens the door to nutjobs, LOL.


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