random rumbling

Someone I went to college with deleted me from his MySpace friends because he didn’t like what I said about our college in this blog. I never would have taken him as someone to get offended that easily. Who knows… maybe he’s still upset that I kissed his sister once at college, but not him.

So I’m curious, has anyone been upset with you about something you blogged about? Do tell… I would hate to feel alone on this one : )


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  1. I’m fairly certain I have written something that has pissed someone off. I don’t care. We’ve turned into a country of overly sensitive pussies anyway.

    I still (heart) you! =)


  2. I know I have (she said so) but the thing is that I had never said anything but good things about her. It’s a long story but she got pissed off because I sent her an email asking if it was alright if I kept mentioning her, and she never answered it (the email). So I wrote a post about people that don’t answer emails and now much that pisses me off, (its fucking RUDE), so she sent me an email telling me how much my post pissed her off.
    Long story short fuck her,


  3. What did you write that got someone’s panties in a bunch? BFE? Hell, most of the parts of Kansas I’ve been to is in BFE. That’s what makes it Kansas!
    Someone needs to get a life and Michelle, its not you.
    I put stuff on my blog that I’m sure pisses people off. I’ve had to tell my wife 13 times to stop reading it. People who have wrinkly panties you don’t need to be My Space friends with anyway.


  4. I’ve found that when people I know go getting upset over something I’ve written on a blog – stuff not personal or even intentionally offensive – that I learn stuff about them I never knew. And when they then act like dicks because of it, I’m really glad I found out and wish I written such stuff many years earlier.

    It all works out for the best I reckon.


  5. I’m a pretty non-controversial old lady. In three years of blogging, I’ve only had to delete one comment (not counting spammers).

    I have little use for Myspace, except that I have an account so I can check it out sometimes. I think it’s more of a young folks’ thing.


  6. LoL, I WISH that somebody got offended at my blog. First it would mean that I have readers, and second that I wrote something that anybody was interested in at all.



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