random questions

I’ve been getting some questions lately that I thought I’d share. . .

1. Is this all you do? Write a crappy blog and sell dildos?
If I only wrote this crappy blog, I’d have way more posts.  As for dildos, I missed working at the porn store, so I started doing Edible Ecstasy parties as a hobby. I also work in a library that doesn’t have any porn on its shelves.

2. What is up with the “Request a Party” at the top of your page?
I do parties for Edible Ecstasy, an adult toy, book, porn, and lingerie company. So “Request a Party” is for that kind of party. I should probably mention all this on that page, but I haven’t yet. I’m lazy like that.

3. Are these swinger parties?
No. That would probably be a good business to get into, but not for me. If I was going to do something along those lines, I would open a co-ed brothel and ask everyone to call me Madame Michelle.

4. Do you strip at parties?
No. Trust me, you really don’t want to see that anyway.  However, I will do an adult toy party when adult entertainers will be there, under two conditions. 
          1. I get to do my dildo slinging before the strippers do their thing. 
          2. I have the option to stay and watch the stripping action.

5. Your MySpace pic is cute. Can we get together and kick it? 
I don’t know what “kick it” even means. If it means hang out, then maybe… in a group of people at a public place so I can figure out if you’re bat shit crazy or not.  But if “kick it” means something sexual, then no, we can’t kick it. I have a cool husband who more than satisfies me in that department, but thanks for the offer.