random muzak

I went with my grandma to a doctor’s appointment the other day.  While we were sitting in the waiting room, I took note of the music being filtered in.  It seemed a little off for a doctor’s office where most of the patients were card-carrying members of AARP. 

Finally, I turned to my grandma and said, “I never thought I’d be sitting here with you listening to Vanilla Ice.”  And Grandma, always one to speak her mind, replied, “Well who the hell is Vanilla Ice? It sounds like shit to me.”  Damn, I love my grandma and her dirty mouth : )

back in the saddle

Dangerboy and I are back from our road trip. We drove to Colorado — Denver, Boulder, Estes Park, Fort Collins, and Rocky Mountain National Park. The whole trip was fun and relaxing, especially camping in the park. 

Thanks for all the recommendations on music. XO, no way on Oklahoma, or any other musicals : )  We did listen to Cake, Amy Winehouse, Bare Naked Ladies, Foo Fighters, alt country, classical, and whatever decent radio stations we could find. 

Eric will probably have pics up in the next couple of days on his site. Until then, I’ll leave you with a pic of a store front in Fort Collins…

   screamin peach

* Edit: Pics are up at Eric’s site. Just click on the pic in his post to see more photos.