iowa the bountiful

On the latest road trip, a friend and I drove to visit another friend who had recently moved to Des Moines. We three gals did lots of sightseeing, and even to went a hot air balloon festival with fireworks. 

We checked out the state capital and saw a few monuments across the street.  The Soldiers and Sailors Monument is a little different. It commemorates Iowans who fought in the Civil War, and there were statues of soldiers all over it, which made sense. But the monument also had this:

 She’s Iowa.  And apparently Iowa is willing to share her bounty with us.

trippin’ (again)

Another road trip for me this weekend… this time to good ol’ Des Moines.  Next time, Greg needs to come with me on a road trip.  We had one planned a year or two ago and then it just didn’t happen.  He wants to get the crap scared out of him by some ghosts at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  That might have to be an ambush road trip, where I just shove Greg in the car… we’ll see how that works out.