So many bloggers have already written beautiful, heartfelt posts about Greg, but right now I’m at a loss for words.  When arrangements have been made, I’ll post an update on his site.


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  1. I’m so sorry Michelle. I don’t know you very well other than from Greg’s posts but you were first in my thoughts when I heard the news. He touched a lot of lives with his humor, his insite, and his genuine kindness. He was blessed to have you for a best friend, and visa versa. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for taking time out of your mourning to update us. He’s left quite a void. There will never be another Greg Beck.


  2. Hi Michelle…

    I know you don’t know me, but… I “knew” Greg, kinda… *smile*
    We had each other on our respective blogrolls and had exchanged a few emails.

    I can’t even believe it…

    I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss.
    He wrote about you a lot and it was clear how much he loved you.
    Still does, no doubt.
    And, always will.

    Try not to be too sad.
    You know he’d hate that.
    (Yeah. as I tell you this, I start to tear up myself…)



  3. Hi Michelle, I know you don’t know me very well- but I worked with Greg this summer at FEMA-I met you that night at the Blog get together. I received an email from FEMA this morning informing me about Greg. I am so sorry-Greg was truely a wonderful friend and person. He loved you alot. You and Greg’s family are in my prayers.


  4. Michelle,

    I am one of Greg’s co-workers. The gentle giant with be missed but not forgotten as he touched each and every human being he came in contact with either in person or with his colorful commentary from the Spanish announcers table. He has passed through death’s door and entered the shining gates of heaven. I am sure that he is looking upon us and counting red dresses…

    “and then the stars twinkled in his honor”


  5. When I got home tonight I received an email informing me that my Aunt Bertie, my dad’s older sister, had just died. And I felt… nothing.

    But Greg’s passing hit me like a bat to the gut and has had me bawling like a baby ever since I heard the news.

    My heart goes out to you and his family.


  6. Michelle, you don’t know me and I don’t know you nor did I know Greg – I read about his death on …why paisleys? blog and felt I wanted to get this to you. It’s a memorial website, free, something you might want to set up for Greg, you being his friend – Just check out the site and see what if anything you might want to do with it – if you want to use it and need any help just let me know and I’d be glad to give you a hand. DS


  7. I never met him yet feel as though I knew him as well as you can know anyone. I guess when you write with a genuine love of the craft you bare so much of your soul people feel like you are an old friend. My heartfelt condolences to his loved ones.


  8. i am new to your blog,, but not to you,,, i have been on a long and adventurous journey with you thru gregs words… he was blogging to me,, he made it real,, he is in more ways than one responsible for me finally picking up the keyboard,, and spilling myself into it…. i loved that man,, from afar… but he was big like that….


  9. hope you are okay michelle. we all know how much greg meant to you. a great guy that will be missed. condolences to his family and friends and to all the blogger’s that his writings and personality affected.


  10. Michelle,

    Apparently someone took my message to you the wrong way, I was advised of my rudeness in an Email. If you thought I was trying to promote anything, I’m sorry that wasn’t what I was doing. I can only say I’m sorry.



  11. Michelle,
    I will miss my Favorite BodyGuard!! Greg has always had a special part of my heart, no matter if we were near or how far apart. I could always count on his friendship and his shoulder to lean on through out these years. And now when I come home to play it won’t be the same. He helped me very recently in the passing of my lil sis. I know once again he has crossed him arms and put that smile on his face and with the wink of his eye, the peace that is felt when you know his security of love is always going to be close by.

    Sending My Prayers and Love,


  12. Dear Michelle, like so many others, I don’t know you and I didn’t know Greg, and yet I cried when I heard he had died. I read his blog for years, and I was always impressed by how funny and smart and right he was. I felt like I knew him, and it breaks my heart that he’s gone.
    One of the things I admired most about him was his unabashed and profound love for you and his family.
    I’m writing now because I hope that his friends and family will find some small comfort in knowing that the man they loved was admired by many, and touched the lives of people he never even met.


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