brownie mix

The weekend started with a Brownie costume and ended with waiting in line at Funky Town next to a pimp and a prostitute. Okay, they were only dressed as a pimp and a prostitute. I think. The blogger Halloween bash was lots of fun, especially because of Dan‘s brew and Kristine‘s jello shots. Heather was a sexy pirate, and Alicia came as a hot librarian… oh wait, she is that in real life. Spyder‘s costume showed us how she caught her hubby. And Eric was Alex from A Clockwork Orange — he actually had to explain who he was at another party later that night. Kids these days… jeez.

The next night, Stephanie and I went to our friend Gretchen’s party. We made an interesting pair — her dressed up as a dominatrix Bettie Page, and me as an innocent Brownie. The party was at a huge loft in the West Bottoms, but we left before it got really crazy. And that’s when I ended up in line at Funky Town. Yeah, make fun of me all you want… the place had a kick-ass Halloween costume contest going on. The winner dressed up as Stephen King’s Carrie… bloody prom dress and all.

I met Keith and Janet there, who were out with some of their friends. I watched their table for a little bit, and some young guy came up to talk to me. I told him I was old, happily married, and just holding a table until Keith and Janet came back. He asked how I knew them, and I told him through blogging. He had no idea what a blog was, so I told him it’s an underground S & M club in KC. And if you check out Kristine‘s pics of XO’s metal balls, you just might get that idea about the blogger parties…

emo hurts

I must be getting old because I don’t get a lot of the emo music that’s out now.  I heard a song last weekend with this line– I even regret my regret.  That made me roll my eyes, but it’s still not as bad as the most emo lyrics I’ve ever heard:

The truth is you could slit my throat
And with my one last gasping breath
I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt

“Your So Last Summer” by Taking Back Sunday

What the hell is up with that?

basic instinct

I found this post on Best of Craigslist:

Basic Instinct dvd

Date: 2007-08-14, 8:00PM EDT

Need to get this out of my life. I think it works fine. I turned it off when Michael Douglas had sex – it made me celibate for a while.

Note: if you take this, I will judge you.

*This cracked me up, but I don’t think this person has ever watched any porn. There are some way uglier men than Michael Douglas having sex on camera.


One of my favorite bands, Lucero, is playing tonight at the Bottleneck in Lawrence. They can’t be easily categorized, maybe alt country or country punk, and they are masters of the sad song. The lead singer, Ben Nichols, has a way of baring his soul in the lyrics he writes. Some of my favorites are “All These Love Songs”, “Nights Like These”, “Tears Don’t Matter Much” and “What Else Would You Have Me Be”.

And they’re one of the best damn live acts around. Dangerboy and I saw them at the Blue Note in Columbia earlier this year and they were incredible. Of course, there’s always at least one annoying person in the audience, and this show was no exception. One young guy got up close to the stage and kept pointing at Ben and yelling at him to play certain songs. I wanted to grab that guy’s finger, break it, and shove it up his ass.

Anyway, here’s a video clip from a Lucero show for you to enjoy…

“Tears Don’t Matter Much”