top 10

Present Magazine has posted their lists of top KC bloggers, hand picked by other KC bloggers.  Thanks to all who included me in your lists… I owe you some drinks.  No one asked me, but I’m going to give you my top ten list of KC bloggers anyway.  Here it goes ( in no particular order):

Smells Like Bullshit – I can’t wait to read Nightmare’s blog just to see what he’s ranting about each week.  And I mean ranting in a good way.  His posts are often laugh-out-loud funny. 

Three O’Clock in the Morning –  Anyone with a Hunter S. Thompson quote on their blog header is automatically in my top 10 list.

Hip Suburban White Guy – Xavier Onassis is sarcastic about all kinds of subjects, from politics to Tolkien movies. And he has a big ass sword.

File Girl – Kristine gives us her sassy twist on life.  Plus she makes some kick ass jello shots.

General Blather – Heather tells it like it is with her sarcastic sense of humor. Whether she’s ripping on bosshole, or talking about her mom’s love of blow-up sheep, she will leave you entertained.

Blog KC – Local news with some playful bite… not venomous bite like another KC news blog.

Logtar – John writes his open, honest take on all kinds of subjects, and he can be pretty damn funny when he wants to be.

Death’s Door – Greg was a straight shooter who wrote about everything from current events to the Beam and Coke filled nights at his favorite bars.  His was one of the consistently entertaining blogs in KC.  Two of my all time favorite posts of Greg’s are Tie My Knot and Retards Need Love Too.

M. Toast  – She’s snarky and witty, even when she’s writing about roof repairs.  Plus she loves dive bars. How much cooler can you get?

Farmer Bob – This site is hilarious, from the meeting doodles to the Cup and Saucer Action News.  Plus Chris does these AIRWOLF spoofs that make me laugh so hard that I almost pee my pants. Almost.

pics of greg

I’ve been sorting through photos of Greg to make copies for his family and friends, and it’s been pretty hard to do.  It’s making me remember all the good times, and it just doesn’t seem right that Greg isn’t here now. But anyway, I wanted to share a few of the photos.  (Click on them to see full size versions.)

Greg in stocking cap  At the Hurricane.

greg-closeup.jpg  Officiating his friends Kyle and Paulina’s wedding. Doesn’t he look ruggedly handsome?

 Wedding day   At my wedding in October 2006.  I asked him to officiate my wedding, but he said he would be too emotional to do it. So then I asked him if he wanted to be a bridesmaid, but he didn’t think too much of that idea. 

gmm-crop.jpg    Greg with his friend Melissa and me at my house last summer.  Eric and I had a few people over for a deck party.  Greg could be shy around people he didn’t know, but that night he was talkative and hilarious.  He went on this funny rant about bicycles on the road without knowing that at least 10 people there were avid cyclists.

greg-resized.jpg   Last night of the old Hurricane in June 2006.

Greg and me the last night of the Hurricane  Showing off our matching undergarments.      

Greg’s Hurricane bar stool   Greg’s barstool at the Hurricane. The first bar stool to the left was pretty much reserved for him.

greg-on-porch-2.JPG  Hanging out on his back porch last summer.  I love this photo.  The Hurricane had closed for the night and Greg and I decided to meet at his place.  I drove up and Greg had this huge grin on his face, so I had to take a picture.


open road

My horoscope said this yesterday:

Try not to worry too much about whether or not you’re going in the right direction –as long as you’re going somewhere, you’re fine.

I think this has me confused with a man who is driving and won’t ask for directions.

McRibbed for your pleasure

McRib is back at McDonalds.  I love me some McRib, but I’m a little suspect about the ingredients.  The main ones are pork, salt, and water… but do those ingredients really equal the McRib’s squishy sponginess? The people at took off the sauce and cut up a McRib to see what’s inside.  After seeing this, I’m not sure if I want to eat one again… but I know I will. 

McRib… I’m lovin’ it.

hurricane refugee

The Hurricane is closed… again.  Since the sale of it in the summer of 2006, the place has changed hands 2… 3 times? And now it’s been closed since at least last Friday. I’m not sure when it will re-open.  I spent many drunken nights there until the 2006 sale, and it’s just sad that the place has gone downhill so much in 18 months.

More information here.

bad… but oh so good

Coca-Cola is my crack.  Seriously, it is the nectar of the gods.  I stopped drinking it for over a year, and then I drank one can and I was hooked again.  Anyway, I was at the cafeteria at work the other day and found a flyer that said a 12 ounce Coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar. Cripes! Apparently I’ve been in denial about how bad it is for me.  

A post at HealthBolt explains what happens in your body after you drink a Coke. My favorite part:

Within 45 minutes, “Your body ups your dopamine production stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works.”

And here I thought I was being good when I went to the bar and just ordered a Coke.  Screw that.  From now on, I’m hitting the liquor.

bras + jeans = ?

Buying jeans is about like buying bras for me… I take 20 of them into the dressing room, and if I’m lucky I find one that fits. That’s why I’m really happy I found  The site helps you find jeans and bras by your size, shape, as well as your style preferences (“no nipple see though” and “make my butt bootylicious” are options).  It actually suggested bras and jeans that I would wear, and explained why those items would work for me.  So ladies, go check it out while your surfing the internets.


Thanks to everyone who came out last night for Greg’s birthday. Despite the circumstances, it was a good time. His family really appreciated all those who stopped by.  The fried chicken was close, but not quite like Greg’s special recipe.   

I want to get a Christmas card to send Greg’s family.  We probably won’t have a get together before then, but we are creative people… we can figure out some way to pass it around for everyone to sign.