I only worked at the porn store for a few years, but I had six different bosses by the time I left. I’m pretty sure boss #1 was a meth head.  What makes me think that? It could have been her bone thinness. Or maybe the “rode hard and put away wet” look. Possibly the teeth rotting out of her head. But also because she went on benders and skipped work for days at a time.  Finally someone higher up got tired of her crap, fired her, changed the locks, and hired boss #2.

Actually, boss #2 wasn’t so bad. He didn’t sleep with any of the staff, which is more than I can say for boss #3.  She slept with several staff members (no, not with me).  And the reason I know this is because she told everyone… in detail.  And she had a couple of lecherous sugar daddies who hung out at the porn store.  Eww.  She eventually slept her way up to a promotion, and then boss #4, sneaky supervisor, was hired.  I’ve written about him before… but long story short, he fired a coworker and me because of a birthday cake.  What an idiot.

I was rehired by a friend who was boss #5.  I have no complaints about her whatsoever… she was wonderful.  However, she got sick of the place and finally walked out. Management asked if I wanted to run the place. Hell no. This was a part time gig for me. I had my library job during the day. Besides, there was no way I going to tell my parents  they put me through college so I could be a manage a porn store.

The higher ups then promoted another employee who was very young.  And possibly a tall midget.  Well, she wasn’t all that short… she just had midget proportions.  Anyway, boss #6 wasn’t all bad, but things went downhill when she started sleeping with a coworker.  They would talk about how they had sex on the sales counter after the store closed. Lovely, huh?  I started disinfecting at the beginning of all my shifts.  The two were finally fired because they moved in together, or got caught having sex in the store dumpster… something along those lines.  At that point, I no longer cared.

By the time management was interviewing for boss #7, I had put in my two weeks notice.  7 may be a lucky number, but I didn’t want to try my luck with another bad boss.