popped collar pedestrian


I was stopped at a traffic light this morning, and when my light turned green, a douche bag with a popped collar walked right in front of my car. I understand yielding to pedestrians, but he waited until his light was red before he walked into the street.

Now, I have a list of things that piss me off, and popped collars and assholes who walk against the light are both on it. I waited until he was right in front of my car, and then I laid on the horn. This douche bag put his hands up in the universal “what the fuck?” gesture, and then he decided it would be a good idea to just stay in front of my car.

Obviously, drastic measures had to be taken. I opened my door, stood up, and did the “what the fuck” gesture back at him. The guy’s eyes got big like they would pop out to match his collar, and he practically ran across the street.

Seriously, he ran away from a girl… in an arm brace.

meat grabber

Best unintentionally funny line in latest Top Chef episode last night:

“Grab your meat and follow me.”

On an unrelated note, I’m still wearing a arm brace, probably caused by grabbing too much meat. The arm brace is really annoying, and hopefully if will be gone before it gets too hot. Sweating in that bitch would not be cool. And I have a float trip in three weeks… paddling a canoe in my not-so- sexy arm brace would be a pain in the ass. And it would leave some pretty funky tan lines. Stupid arm brace.


stupid mouse arm

It might be quiet around these parts for a little while. I have the dreaded mouse arm. That means I get to go to physical therapy and wear a sexy wrist brace. But the worst part is that I’m supposed to cut back on my computer use at work and home. Hmm, not sure what I’m going to do without my excessive amounts of web surfing, emailing, and instant messaging.

Stupid mouse arm.

that’s a compliment?

I have wavy hair, but normally I wear it like this:


And yes, that’s wax Chuck Norris in the background… just go with it. Anyway, today I wore it a la naturale, like this:


And I’ve had two coworkers give me “compliments”…

“Your hair is naturally like that? You shouldn’t straighten it anymore.”


“What did you do? Does your hair do that on it’s own?”

Look people, those aren’t compliments. As Erin in the Real World says, they are commentpliments. A compliment actually says something nice. It doesn’t imply that your hair looks like crap every other day of the week. And it isn’t like “Your hair is long.” or “Wow, that’s a bright shirt.” Those our comments. Jeez Louise people, didn’t your parents ever tell you that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all?

Thank God (or whoever) it’s Friday, and I don’t have to deal with these commentplimenters again until Monday.

car free challenge

bike2.jpg bus-carpool.jpg pedestrianx.jpg

This week is Bike Week/Car Free Challenge in KC, and I just realized I’m an idiot. I should have posted about this last week and asked if people wanted to do a bloggers team for this. I know how much XO would like that, considering his love of cyclists : )

You can sign up and bike, walk, bus, or even carpool to work and errands, and then log your time. There are also tons of bike events scheduled this week. Tonight is a happy hour at McCoys, and the movie Triplets of Belleville playing at the Downtown Library. Mayor Funkhouser is speaking tomorrow about plans to make KCMO a more bike-friendly town, even if Tony would rather see bikes banned from the streets.

Anyway, sign up if you can, and let me know if you do. I’ll bring prizes to the next meetup for those who play.

speed demon

I moved to KCMO over 10 years ago. Yesterday, I was pulled over in KC for the first time. The police had a little speed trap set up on Ward Parkway, and they were stopping tons of cars for speeding. An officer said they clocked me going 48 in a 35… 2 miles less than reckless driving. I’m innocent I tell ya… or at least I wasn’t going that fast…

Damn, I may need a lawyer.

yee haw


Well, I missed the Star Trek vs. Star Wars Convention this weekend because I went out of town with Dangerboy’s sister and their mom for some antique and craft fairs

…in Arkansas.

Thankfully, we all survived.

Dangerboy’s mom invites me every year, and I always politely decline… I’m not exactly an antique or craft kind of girl. But this time she must have caught me at a weak moment because I finally accepted. We stayed in Joplin, and only ventured into Arkansas in the daylight. And surprisingly, I saw fewer mullets and toothless mouths this weekend in Arkansas than I’ve witnessed in one stop at an Independence QuikTrip.