I’m in a bad mood, so I’m going to list some things that piss me off…

1. When people say they will call back or reply to your email about something really important, and then they never respond.

2. When you complain about the asshat who never responded, and their boss is an even bigger asshat.

3. When a friend borrows money and then never repays it. (Never again. Ever.)

4. When someone I hardly know tries to hug me. There’s this thing called personal space, and I like it around me, especially if I barely know you.

5. When someone touches my elbow with their elbow. I have no idea why, but this irritates me so much that I want to elbow them upside the head.

6. When people walk up behind me in my cubicle, and wait for me to realize they are there before saying anything. Creepy. Just tell me you’re there, dammit.

7. When people overhear conversations, butt in, and then make the conversations completely about them. Freaking rude.

8. When you rent a movie, and you get almost to the end, and then the disk jacks up.

9. When you are in line at a store, and the person being waited on starts up a cell phone conversation.  Or when the clerk in the store is on a cell phone while waiting on you.

10. When you are walking down the street and someone says, “Baby, what’s up?”, or “Damn girl, you’re fine”, or something along those lines. Do those lines ever really work?

Now that I’ve ranted, I’m not quite so grumpy. And I bet a drink will help my mood even more. So what annoys you?

whiskey tango 4th


Dangerboy and I went camping over the 4th of July weekend with some friends. It’s become an Independence Day tradition for us. Also a tradition is being entertained by our neighboring campers. This year we were next to a whiskey tango couple with five boys. The couple’s youngest little boy kept toddling over to our site. I thought he wanted us to take him away, but his mom said he was just looking for a TV.

The husband and wife bickered back and forth quite a bit over the weekend. At one point the wife told her husband, “You don’t have to call me stupid just because I’m readin’.” The next day the family had visitors, and the boys’ grandma was there drinking her own 6-pack. One of the guys was wearing a white undershirt, smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer, all with a baby strapped to his chest.

So that was our 4th of July, and I’m really glad to be home. How was yours?

no tell motel

I few years ago, my friend Anna Falana and I decided to road trip to Chicago for Labor Day. We drove into Chicago thinking we’d be able to get a hotel room, not realizing they’d all be booked for the holiday. We called around until we found a place that had an open room… The Sportsman’s Inn Motel.

Anna Falana and I went into the motel, and the staff were behind a glass partition. Not a good sign. The place looked sketchy, but we really needed a room. The woman at the front desk asked how long we wanted to stay. That’s when we found out the place rented the rooms in 4-hour increments, or overnight. Uh, not good. We told her we wanted to stay all night. Then the lady said she couldn’t rent to us because she thought we were prostitutes.

I looked at what Anna Falana and I were wearing… tank tops, knee length denim skirts, and flip flops. If we were hookers, we sure did a shitty job dressing for success. I told Anna Falana that I didn’t want to argue over a crappy motel room with a woman who thought we were prostitutes. When we walked out, I noticed a cop sitting in the lobby. So that’s why we were turned down. Normally, the place probably does bang-up business renting to hookers and johns.

Here’s some pics from their website…

The Cupid Room…


The Red Room…


The Space Room…


The Beach Room…


So if you ever want to rent a room for 4 hours with a prostitute in Chicago, check out the Sportsman’s Inn Motel. Just make sure there are no cops in the lobby.