hennessy disagree

Last week I walked into a convenience store to get some coffee… okay, and maybe a doughnut… and heard this conversation between a woman and the clerk behind the counter:

Woman: Do you have Grand Marnier?

Clerk: No, but we have some Hennessy.

Woman: Um, it’s not the same thing.

Clerk: But you can drink Hennessy anytime! You can drink it on your birthday. You can drink it on your kid’s birthday.  You can drink it on Jesus’ birthday. 

Woman: Yeah, well, um… I’m just going to go now.

After she left, the clerk said to a guy standing by the counter, “Grand Marnier? What the hell is that?

wheelchair wrangle

My license plates came up for renewal, and today I finally made the trek to the DMV. I like the Grandview DMV because I can always expect good people-watching… and today was no exception.

When I got to the DMV, I got a number and took a seat. A couple was seated near me with their young son. The kid said he wanted McDonald’s just as a large older woman in a wheelchair cruised into the room. The woman in the wheelchair turned to the kid and said, “Do you deserve McDonald’s? Have you been a good kid, or have you been acting like a fool?”

I had no idea why she would say something like that to a stranger, and neither did the mother. She got up in the face of the woman in the wheelchair and said “Who you calling a fool? You don’t call my kid a fool. You better apologize.” Then the dad got in the face of the wheelchair-bound woman, while the mom was urging him to “do something” to this disabled woman.

The woman in the wheelchair wasn’t backing down. I finally turned to a woman behind the counter and said, “Is he really going to beat up a handicapped woman in the DMV?” She shrugged her shoulders and replied, “At least the police are downstairs if it happens.”

Entertainment like that is exactly why I go to the Grandview DMV.