nonsensical notes

  • I read this today: “Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them.”
  • When you can’t kill the stupid people, multiple martinis help.
  • My friend IT Chickie would say multiple olives in the martinis also help.


  • Just don’t drink so much that you have to go to rehab.
  • I’m not sure who is crazier on Celebrity Rehab… Jeff Conaway or Gary Busey.



  • Hmm, I fear it is not such a good idea to tell people I watch Celebrity Rehab.
  • Gary Busey’s thoughts on fear: “Fear is the darkroom where the Devil develops his negatives.”
  • Um, I think Gary Busey wins the crazy contest.
  • Speaking of devils, for Halloween I was an angel and my friend Kelsey was a devil.

  • Almost everyone preferred the devil.
  • Speaking of crazy devils… Planet Rusty is back. I wonder if he knows what he has in common with XO… I’m not telling.


  • Gary Busey, XO, devils, and rehab all in one post. Hmm, maybe I need to cut back on the martinis.