The Big 50

Today is Greg Beck‘s 50th birthday, and this would have been a big celebration weekend for him. Greg always updated his blog with his birthday adventures, and here’s my favorite of his birthday posts:

I’ll make this quick and dirty. Friday night after work I went out to celebrate my birthday. Michelle, Raven, Bottle, Rusty, Mito, and various other people joined me. Here are some things I remember.
1. Doing shots with Mito.
2. Doing shots with Bottle.
3. Doing shots with Michelle.
4. Doing shots.
5. Drunkenly talkin to Carrie and Harper about doing a threesome and watching Carrie nip up. (she took it surprisingly well)
6. Watchin Springer and yakking at the hot lesbians sitting at the bar.
7. Coming home and talking Cassie’s ear off.
8. So hung over that the best I could do all day Saturday was sit on the couch and watch ten hours of the science fiction channel

And here are the things I don’t remember.
1. Driving home.
2. Doing shots.
3. Confessing my drunken love to all my friends.
4. Coming home and waking Cassie out of bed and telling her because she’s my roommate now, I can’t, won’t, hit on her any more.
5. My tab.
6. Walkin Michelle to her car and trying to talk her into flashing me and pressing her tits up against the window.

And the number one thing I don’t remember.
1. Sitting in the Cane tonight with Cassie and Michelle and listening as two Westport cops told me that I was so drunk that I asked for their guns so I could off whitey. God truly loves and watches out for the insane. Word.

posted by Greg Beck at Sunday, December 08, 2002

So kids, if you get out this weekend, have a drink for Greg… you know he would have.