10 thoughts on “off like a prom dress

  1. Michelle, I am not gonna pretend I am not a little disappointed but I think you need to do what you need to do. I don’t twit or tweet or twa… uh never mind, so I won’t be following you there. Just keep in touch and take care.


  2. Oh, man….Michelle: Really, it was your blog, not TKC or anybody else who got me so interested in this whole thing. Your porn store stories were so interesting, funny, and a little sick. Thank you for all that. You’ve remained one of my fav’s. Your affection and admiration of Beck touched me, right up to your next to last post.

    You are a classic and I’ll check back from time to time. Hope you will as well. I’ll try to check out the Twitter thing….just haven’t yet.

    Take care. Jocoeveryman.


  3. Within a month ‘Well Hell’ disappears off your MySpace page, and the blog puts one foot into the retirement home. This doesn’t bode well for the new year.
    Twitter? You know I’d follow you like a puppy to the end of the street, but I can’t see myself opening yet another window to the watching world. I’ll be watching this space eagerly for a speedy return though. And we’ll want proof that you didn’t get that boob job.


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