wow, i have a blog

I’m mostly on Twitter (wellhellchell), so this poor blog has been kinda ignored lately by me. Let’s do a little catch up:

– Our dog was hit by a car, but she wasn’t hurt. Thank goodness for her extra padding. Makes me think I should keep my extra padding just in case I’m ever in a similar situation.

I bought a Google phone, and I really like it, mostly because it has a Chuck Norris app that says, “Like my gun?” and “Did you steal 2 kilos of cocaine?”


– I got my hair cut into a bob above my shoulders. Guys hate it, but I’m married so it doesn’t matter. Besides, it’s growing out.


– I’m starting grad school classes in a few weeks, and I’m already looking forward to them being over.

– I want to buy a voodoo doll for work, and I’m wondering if I can get away with putting it on my company credit card…


…probably not.