partially naked ladies

So I keep reading that blogs are dead, but I’m back anyway. I like Twitter, but the 140 character limit sometimes just doesn’t cut it for me.  Case in point… I posted the story below on Twitter, but couldn’t shorten it enough to fit in just one tweet…

Eric and I went to see the Barenaked Ladies play a free concert a couple weeks ago at the Midland. (I now call them the Partially Naked Ladies because they are short one of their singers.) Anyway, the lead singer from Better Than Ezra opened for them, and near the end of his set, he brought out “American Idol” David Cook for a duet. At that point, Eric leaned over and said, “We paid too much for these free tickets.”

P.S. Thanks to Eric for the new layout!

P.P.S. All my old pr0n posts are password protected now. I’ll give you a hint… it’s my favorite type of clear alcohol that starts with the letter V.