My better half and I just got back from a trip to Chicago, and somehow the only picture I took for 3 days was this:

We went to several bookstores while we were in Chicago, and this one had a whole “Geek” section, and “General Geek” was just a small part. And what types of books were considered general geek? Role playing, Japanese anime, and graphic novels. I’m a fan of some graphic novels, especially those of Daniel Clowes and Harvey Pekar, so I had to take a peek. Right next to the “General Geek” section was the “Sex” section, and of course I had to check that out too : )

The combination of sex books, anime, and graphic novels got me thinking about an adult comic called Cherry. Think x-rated Betty and Veronica. We checked out a few porn stores, but no dirty comics were found. I ended up finding some Cherry comics at a comic book store… of course. Next to Cherry, I found a comic called Dildo. I glanced at it… some of the dildos depicted were actually double-dongs, but I’m sure the target audience wasn’t going to be as nit-picky as me.

So why couldn’t I find any dirty comics in the porn stores? My porn store carried Penthouse Comics for a brief stint, but gave it up to have additional space for Juggs or DD Cups magazines in instead. The comic book stores and the book store with the “General Geek” section seemed to get it… people who look at anime and graphic novels probably want to look at the sex books too. So why don’t the porn stores get it?

If I owned a porn store, I would stock anything I thought would sell… adult comics, adult Japanese anime, clown porn, pacifiers, adult diapers…